Posted by: Paul | May 4, 2010

The Night Off

Today has been the first day when I’ve honestly nearly forgotten to post. I sat down to do it at lunchtime, got distracted by an email about work stuff, and then never went back to it. Until now! Disaster averted.

I admit to posting this slightly drunk. Which is essentially the same as saying that tomorrow I will be posting slightly hungover. For today is our first night off in a long, long time. Adam is spending the night at his grandparents, in part to allow us to get to early morning dentist appointments on the day I would normally have been driving Adam to theirs, and in part the start of a new once-monthly regime to give us a night off. Date Night, if you will.

We’ve just come back from a fine meal at a local pub, stuffed full to bursting with good pub grub. Alison has eaten there before, I had just been for a drink so it was nice to try it out properly together. Good food, locally sourced (as everywhere is fond of saying these days), all chalked up on a big blackboard like a good pub should. Alison had haddock (the chips were excellent) and I had pork belly (a naughty favourite).

Before this becomes a post like the current TV ad about Facebook updates (“I bought some broccoli!!!!1!1!!”) I’m going to sign off to watch Luther, with The Wire’s Idris Elba. Review tomorrow. Buenos noches!


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