Posted by: Paul | May 3, 2010


Come rain or shine, we were determined to get to the local Kite Festival today after yesterday’s washout. We were almost put off by a very squally shower about 5 minutes before we were due to leave, but put on our arctic weather gear and headed out anyway.

As it turned out, yesterday’s weather had put paid to many of the planned events and there were none of the promised bouncy castles or mini quad bikes. But I didn’t mind – that’s not why I was there anyway.

There’s something about flying a kite that takes you straight back to childhood. I haven’t owned one in many years so was pleased to see a large tent selling all kinds so we could join in the fun. And my goodness you can spend a lot of money on a kite! I had to rein in my inner gadget fiend and fight the urge to buy a hugely complex, expensive one, and instead opted for a simple one-line ‘Pocket Sled’ – its main selling point being that it folded in on itself to become a small bag – perfect for packing for the beach on holiday.

Once we figured out together how it unfolded, fastened to the line and launched, it was time to see if Adam could cope with flying it.

And he could! Bit of a surprise to me really. Of course, as soon as he took hold of the line it paid out about another ten feet. And the wind was a little strong so he followed the urge to walk behind it, wandering towards the more serious, professional looking fliers at times which was a bit of a worry. But all in all the weather held out and we had a good afternoon – and found a new fascination to boot.


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