Posted by: Paul | May 2, 2010

Rain Stopped Play

I had hoped to be writing today about a local kite festival we were supposed to attend. Unfortunately, being Bank Holiday weekend in England, you can always rely on the weather being rubbish even if the preceding days have been glorious, so last night’s enormous thunderstorm was no particular surprise. However Alison had to inform me that it had happened at all as, true to form, I slept through the entire thing.

So hopefully we can go to the second day tomorrow, and instead here is yet another post about football which I had been saving until tomorrow.

Being a stat freak, I love this time of the season and all the permutations it produces – the ifs, thens, ands and buts of all the relegation, promotion and qualification issues. Of course, the particular issue of concern for me as a Spurs fan is that of 4th place in the Premier League and, as predicted, we’ve arrived at the fixture between Spurs and Man City more or less at a deadlock, a winner-takes-all situation.

Fortunately, as we are a point ahead Spurs are in the driving seat. I hope the fact that a win for us seals the final Champions League spot will ‘spur’ us to victory on Wednesday night, whereas if City win, they still need an away win against West Ham on the final day to guarantee it for them. If we draw, we remain at the status quo and only relegated Burnley stand between Spurs and European glory. Ahem.

I imagine I’ll have the same sort of nerve shredding night as the experience Crystal Palace and Sheffield Wednesday fans are having right now – I’m watching the Championship relegation clash at the moment, which only one team look like they want to win as I type. A draw will do for Palace but at 1-1 they’re hardly getting out of their own half, Wednesday are doing all the pressing. At least for us we’re not in danger of dropping down a division, and the fight is just over which European competition we will play in next year. Would that that was the case every year – I’d count my blessings as a Spurs fan if so!


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