Posted by: Paul | April 30, 2010

Stop looking at me, Cameron!

David Cameron knows what your soul looks like

The worst thing I’ve found about the leaders debates – apart from all the blathering half-truths, obviously – is the disconcerting habit the three candidates have developed of staring straight down the camera lens, like they were talking specifically to you. That’s You. You. Reading this blog. Right now. I can see you, you know?

When Nick Clegg did it in the first show, people praised it as sincere and direct. When Cameron started doing it last week it became creepy. And last night even Gordon Brown got in on the act, which was just plain weird.

But it’s Cameron who really made my blood run cold last night. There’s something Demon Headmaster-ish about his gaze, like you’re being hypnotised. Vote Conservative… Vote Conservative… It really put me off watching the debate. I’d rather they engaged more directly with the person who asked the question. Let them feel like they’re being stared at by a crocodile sizing up whether it can move fast enough to bite your face off. All in all it was a good job there was football on the other side as plucky Fulham propelled themselves into the final of the Europa League against all odds, on a road that started way back in July last year, scalping Juve, Shakhtar and Wolfsburg on the way. As Brede Hangeland himself said last night, you’d be rich if you’d backed them then.

So debates over, it’s decision time. The ‘undecideds’ will in a week’s time have to stand in the booth and decide who to plump for. If anyone. If they leave the house at all on the day. That’s one of the most interesting things – I don’t think anyone has any genuine idea what the turn out will be next Thursday. I’d still bet on a hung parliament though. My wife said to me last night that they may re-run the election if a decisive result is not achieved – that can’t be fair, surely? I would be much more in favour of pressure being put on to form a workable coalition – the question is, between whom?


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