Posted by: Paul | April 29, 2010

Sinking the Brown

Gordon Brown is told he has absolutely no chance of winning the election now

When will they learn, eh? Politicians?

Rule Number One – Never say anything bad about anyone in an environment when it has even the tiniest chance of being overheard. Basically, Trust No One. Keep your mouth shut except to smile politely, even when you’re on the receiving end of essentially a stream of racist bile from a deluded old fruitcake.

There’s clearly still so much of a divide between the political elite and the general populace. Everyone is entitled to their views, even when they basically boil down to saying “fucking foreigners” over and over again to anyone who will listen. But politicians, when they are utterly reliant on people with views like this to keep them in office, are still clinging to their sense of superiority. It sometimes makes me choke, the two-facedness of it, the sense that they so clearly think they are on a totally different level to the voting public. Almost as if they are the “different species” the first class train travel Lord referred to earlier this year. Well Gordon, I’ve got some shock news for you – those “bigots” form quite a large section of the population which are about to vote you out of office.

If Labour had even the slightest chance of retaining their overall majority, it has to be gone now. The slipping of Brown’s mask is so blatant, so high profile and the media are keeping it on such heavy rotation that there can surely be no-one left who is paying the slightest bit of attention to the election who is unaware of the massive gaffe Gordon made yesterday. I look forward to the final leader’s debate tonight.

Depressingly, listening to The World Tonight last night revealed the extent of youth disinterest in politics. Who could blame them, with all the carry-on about expenses and the like – but how are they going to change anything for the better without even using their basic right to vote? Some of the people interviewed couldn’t even name the three main parties. Couldn’t even name them. What does that say about education, politics, the country’s youth and their parents, and above all, society as a whole?


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