Posted by: Paul | April 28, 2010

Boot Sale Challenge

In the few weeks where my parents have been away and I have Adam on a Wednesday, I’ve taken to running him round the local boot sale in the morning. It’s quite a big one – traders seem to come from all over with big vans full of stuff to flog. It’s a cheap diversion and, if you’re looking for something in particular, you can often find a bargain or two – if you’re willing to haggle.

All human life is to be found at a boot sale. From the low income family who are doing their shopping by buying job lots of meat from the butcher with the headworn mic, shouting his wares, to the landed gentry browsing the antique furniture dealers (yes really). And then there’s the likes of me, on a mission for one item only (today – car windscreen wipers) and not so much as browsing any other stalls.

If there’s one thing I dislike about car boot sales, it’s the people who don’t take care over their displays. Before I started coming to this one a few weeks ago I hadn’t been for a few years, and it surprised me the amount of people I noticed who had just tipped the contents of their boot – mostly used children’s clothes, oddly – onto a sheet on the ground and left people to rummage. No rummager I. Who knows where that stuff’s been? I honestly can’t see them selling anything if that’s the way they treat their product.

My quest today was successful. All I need is a replacement 400mm rear windscreen wiper as mine has perished, and I picked up a pair for £1.50 (£2 if you include the entrance fee). That’s better than paying Halfords £10 for a single blade, no? Have you ever tried to fit a windscreen wiper though? If so, would you mind coming and giving me a hand 😉


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