Posted by: Paul | April 26, 2010

Love, Luck & Evil

Clue: I'm not the one in the middle

When I left Antenna in January, I thought my days of meeting and doing a little bit of work with well known actors and broadcasters were over. I’m happy to say that’s not the case, since I spent this morning directing a session with Jason Isaacs.

Jason, for those of you who recognise the face but can’t place him, is best known in the past few years for playing the marvellously malevolent Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. Of course, he’s done many, many, many other things and is an extremely successful actor in high demand. One thing I particularly enjoyed was his portrayal of Harry H. Corbett in The Curse of Steptoeon BBC4, part of a series of biopics about influential British comedy figures, the whole of which I thought was an outstanding series and by far the best thing produced by BBC4 so far (which is one reason I’m a little bit upset by the proposed change of focus for the channel in the current review).

So I was very pleased to find myself with one of my favourite actors behind the glass at a friend’s studio. The session went very well (except for an unexplained technical gremlin), and once again the luck of the skinny Essex boy has put him in the privileged position of working with a bona fide star. None of it was my own doing of course, I was just drafted in to do the recording, but I feel very honoured to have met yet another person I respect and admire.

All in all, a very good day, which also put me back in touch with a couple of former colleagues who have founded a new company for whom today’s session was the first of many new projects. Contact details duly distributed and ideas exchanged – I’m hoping to get them involved in the Moot Hall project I’m vaguely working on as their product is ideal for the site. Best of luck to them and I hope to be doing more work for them soon.

On his way out Jason kindly autographed a Harry Potter book for my colleague’s children. He signed it, in wonderfully gothic script, “Love, Luck and EVIL – Lucius Malfoy”.


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