Posted by: Paul | April 25, 2010

7 points to go

Blogging in the evening for the next few days as I have a few things on. You didn’t think I’d forgotten, did you?

The football season is drawing to a close – in exactly 2 weeks it will be all over for another year, bar the competition finals. Of course this year we have the World Cup, but for the moment I’m just talking about the domestic leagues.

Spurs are now just two wins and a draw away from the Champions League. We’re in the fortunate position that it is still in our hands – and indeed as we’re playing each other, it’s also thus in Manchester City’s hands. But the difference between the two sides is that, as we’re a point ahead, a draw against Man City will do us. Man City HAVE to win, a draw is not good enough.

Interestingly, this weekend’s results mean that Aston Villa are also back in the mix. And with Villa still to play Man City, they could be our trump card. If Villa beat Man City, all we need to do is win two games and we’re done, as we have a vastly superior goal difference to Villa that they can’t hope to overturn in just two games. So a win for Villa next weekend will make our result against City immaterial – Spurs are in the driving seat and we just have to hang in there. A home game against Bolton and the last day away at relegated Burnley are all that stands between us and European glory in that scenario.

Losing to Man Utd this weekend was disappointing but hardly a surprise. Beating Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U in ten days was just too much to hope for (especially as we played them at Old Trafford, the ground which hates us more than any other). We can have little complaint about the result, we gave away two stupid penalties so we were our own worst enemies really. Still, there’s always next season.

If I had a camera on me I’d upload a picture of my bitten down fingernails. Sunday May 9th could be a very tense afternoon indeed. Come on you Spurs!


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