Posted by: Paul | April 23, 2010

The Clegg Factor

Compo, Foggy...and Clegg

The second “Leaders Debate” took place on Sky News last night (and also oddly Sky Three and BBC News, plus Radio 4…what happened to exclusivity?). It’s widely regarded this morning to have finished neck and neck (and neck), as if these things matter.

What’s made me smile a bit over the last week is the fact that suddenly everyone seems to have woken up and realised that the Lib Dems exist. It’s now a STONE COLD HUNG PARLIAMENT. Seriously, if there’s any money to be made (and I’m not sure what the odds are on it currently), then take prices now if you’re that way inclined.

I again took my half-hour sample across the programme and came up with an entirely different result to the TV pundits. Last week I said Cleggy repeated himself a lot, and he came out on top. This week my overriding view was that Gordon had done a total volte-face and was being Mr Nice Guy rather than just negating everything David said and ignoring Nick, and the general opinion of him this morning is that he was rather like an attack dog. Must have missed those bits and caught him smiling or something.

I’m looking forward to the election, not least because my constituency is one of the new ones which has resulted from a more sensible re-drawing of the boundaries. We as such have no sitting MP, and none of the candidates here is a sitting MP themselves, so it’s new blood all round. My instinct says Tory win here, but you never know. It depends how swayed people are in reality – opinion polls are one thing, but somehow it’s quite another when you step into that booth and pick up the pencil.

Isn’t it all rather archaic, the voting method? Well I suppose if it ain’t broke…oh hang on – it IS broke, and that’s why it will be a Hung Parliament 😉


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