Posted by: Paul | April 20, 2010

Mad Men

Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris (nee Holloway) in Mad Men

Sadly, Mad Men series 3 ended last week and, due to the cutbacks at the Beeb, I’m not sure whether we’ll see the fourth series (currently in production) on free-to-air TV. Still, that’s what DVD box sets are for!

This series took a while to get going, but all the building up the first six or seven episodes did was totally worth it as final two shows – especially, especially the last one – were an absolute joy from start to finish.

I’ve been on the inside of a few corporate shenanigans, where things at the top level are being kept from the workforce, and a big theme this year was corporate takeovers. Sterling Cooper was first bought by English firm Puttnam, Powell and Loeb, before Don Draper and the other executives found out that they were planning on offloading the firm to a major competitor to make a quick buck. Sound familiar to anyone? I could have cheered then, when Don, Roger, Bert and also Layne Price from PPL decided they’d had enough and were going to strike out on their own. Charlie Brooker, writing in the Guardian Guide, said he’d give his own thumb to be able to see the next series now. I have to agree – it’s that good.

If you like the show, check out this video if you haven’t already, of the cast and crew doing “Bye Bye Birdie”, so prominent in this run. It’s quite funny to see some of the cast in regular clothes, especially Bert Cooper! I didn’t really want to see any of them to breaking character at first, but in the end I couldn’t resist – have to have that Mad Men fix now the current run is over. And it goes to show that not all actors can sing – most of the contributors are tone deaf! And stick around for the blooper reel at the end.


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