Posted by: Paul | April 19, 2010

Back to it

After a couple of weeks of interruptions, distractions, holidays and otherwise engagements, I find myself with two clear days in which to get back to some solid work.

First on the list this week is finishing up the freelance job hanging over from last week (nice to get my teeth into something familiar, and particularly to hear the music of another new language in my ears again after so long).

I then need to do some catching up on admin. Organise the paperwork littering the dining table, check and update the business and domestic to-do lists, and schedule a meet-up for the London Creative Group which we missed last month due to holidays and so on. I also need to catch up with other recent Antenna Audio departees.

Then, either when I run out of things to do or the sun comes out from behind those ashen clouds, the garden beckons. It’s that time of year when everything is growing like mad, and I normally have one frenzied weekend around now when I cut everything back rather harshly and it looks bare for a month or two while the shrubbery recovers. There’s one particularly large shrub at the back (which my Dad would look on me with disdain at not being able to name despite the fact that he’s told me what it’s called on at least a dozen occasions), which is thriving at the part which is twelve feet in the air, and dead almost everywhere else. The chainsaw may well be deployed to aid in its removal.

And then it’s a waiting game for several things. Waiting for news on current applications. Waiting for some more feedback on the script before I start edits and rewrites. And most of all, waiting for news of my parents, as I am on pick-up duty as soon as they’re able to return to the UK. Fingers crossed.


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