Posted by: Paul | April 18, 2010

Not a Cloud in the sky

So where is it, then? This ash cloud?

At great altitude, and very thinly spread, by all accounts. You’d be forgiven for wondering why something you can’t see is causing so much trouble. But the nature of the material is such that even in minute, thinly spread quantities, the fact that planes have to ascend and descend through this cloud of muck is dangerous enough to ground the flights of no less than 17 European countries and partially close three more.

My folks are in Madeira at the moment, due to come back on Wednesday. During this time my brother is house and cat sitting for them, and he rang me yesterday to see if I’d heard from them. I haven’t. With the fact that our airspace is closed until at least tomorrow morning – and the restriction constantly being extended – it doesn’t look likely that they will be back as scheduled. I guess there are worse places to get stuck, but I wish they’d get in touch so that (a) I knew that they actually KNOW about it (after all, Madeira is Portugese and Portugal is unaffected so far), and (b) they have options if they need to stay on a few more days (or weeks). I was going to suggest they rent an apartment for a week or two – would be much cheaper than staying in their hotel. But I’m sure they’ve thought of that, they’re pretty resourceful (I hope).

So while they’re enjoying no doubt glorious weather over there, we’re also enjoying it here thanks to the clement conditions that are preventing the cloud from dispersing. The sky is blue, devoid of clouds, the gentle breeze persuades a slow fall of cherry blossoms from the beautiful pink tree in our garden. And to cap it all, Spurs beat both Arsenal and Chelsea in a 4 day period. If you’d said that to me on New Year’s Day, I’d have laughed.


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