Posted by: Paul | April 9, 2010

Get away from me with that thing!

Hello. Toby The Cat here again. God, I had a horrible day yesterday. My eye was a bit sore and Paul kept poking it about and wiping it and peering into it before finally squishing me into a cage and strapping the cage into the Moving Cupboard and taking me to see That Man.

I don’t like That Man. I always remember him because he wears a dark green shirt, and whenever I see that dark green shirt I know I’m in for a bad time. Only this time was worse than ever, as not only did I have to go and see That Man but we took That Baby with us. In the Moving Cupboard, That Baby kept poking his fingers at me through the holes in the cage, and shrieking and laughing. I didn’t like that at all.

So That Man forced open my eye and looked in it, and then put liquid in it and switched off the lights and shone a blue light in it. He said something to Paul and gave him a tube of stuff, and Paul put me back in the cage. He carried me and That Baby back to where we came in, and he spoke to a Lady, who said something to him that made him frown as he handed her a piece of plastic.

When we got home, Paul took the tube and tried to squeeze it in my eye but I didn’t let him, it wasn’t very nice. I ran away but he kept picking me up and trying again, so I bit him and went to hide. It wasn’t my fault, I tried to warn him but he wouldn’t listen, he made me do it! I felt bad so I came back later to sit on his lap, and then he tried to squeeze the tube in my eye again so I went to see Kuthumi next door instead. I bet his owners never try to squeeze tubes in his eyes.


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