Posted by: Paul | April 8, 2010

How to give your Cat eye drops

If someone knows how to give your cat eye drops successfully, please tell me. I expect there’s some secret, some password or key phrase you whisper in the Cat’s ear to pacify it, or a switch I haven’t found yet to retract the claws.

It’s been a bit of a morning. Toby The Cat developed an eye infection of some kind yesterday, and as it was no better this morning I thought I had better take him to see the Cat Doctor. This is obviously not Toby’s favourite activity, since it involves being wrangled into the cat basket, put in the car, bumped around while being driven to the Vet, poked, prodded and variously pulled about once there, and then in a final indignity being administered with some kind of horrible concoction for whatever ails him currently.

So here’s my own short and not particularly successful guide to giving your cat eye drops.

1. Wait until Cat is asleep.

2. Stroke Cat to pacify it and let it know you are there and mean it no harm.

3. Open eyelid gently and squeeze drop from tube onto surface of eye.

4. Retrieve tube from floor and Cat from on top of wardrobe.

5. Hold Cat firmly between legs, with free hand under chin, holding head steady. Open eyelid gently and squeeze drop into eye.

6. Wash and bandage free hand, retrieve Cat from under bed.

7. Wrap Cat in hand towel, hold head steady, squeeze drop into eye.

8. Deposit shredded towel in bin. Retrieve Cat from roof of garage and drops from bottom of staircase.

9. Wrap Cat in bath towel, leaving just muzzle and eyes exposed. Squeeze drop into eye from safe distance.

10. Put drops back in fridge and phone wife. Retrieve bath towel from next door’s garden and Cat from behind washing machine. Shut Cat in conservatory and wait for wife to return home.


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