Posted by: Paul | April 5, 2010

The Chocolate Mountain

As if gorging myself on Cadbury’s Mini Eggs more or less all day yesterday was not enough, we seem to have amassed the cocoa output of a small third world country this weekend. Of course, most of it is aimed at Young Sir, but you seriously cannot feed a baby that much chocolate. And neither should you! I have to admit to a little bit of worry about childhood obesity – I certainly don’t want Adam to become a bloater. He’s a pretty active toddler – lots of energy, there’s practically no stopping him once he gets in gear. We were at my Mum’s yesterday for a large family gathering and he spent much of the afternoon running from room to room announcing delightedly that his red coat was in the cupboard. But he does like his chocolate – as with most kids I’m sure, if you put everything given to them for Easter of Christmas in front of them, they would eat until they were sick!

But we can’t have that, obviously. So two things have to happen: rationing, and the surreptitious eating of most of his gifts ourselves. We have to make a careful selection so we mete out what was given to him bit by bit over a long stretch of time, teaching him the joy that comes from self denial. And he doesn’t miss much either – if something has been shown to him you can bet that he’s stored it up in the back of his head until one day when you’ve eaten them all yourself because you forgot he saw them, he announces “Ockla bear?” (Chocolate Bear.) So we have to make sure that what has been seen is not seen to be eaten by us.

That leaves us with rather a lot though, and it’s not helping us eat more healthily – Easter follows hard upon the heels of Christmas and no sooner are we done with the Christmas Chocolate Mountain than it’s been replaced. Time to put the crampons back on and start climbing. (Don’t think I’m complaining, necessarily, by the way 😉 )


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