Posted by: Paul | April 4, 2010

New Who?

Karen Gillan as the Doc's new companion

As I said in one of the first posts of the New Year, I do like a bit of Dr Who. From the nonsense science, through the gurning and unnecessary running, to the shonky CGI, it’s been an enjoyable watch since the first episode of the Chris Ecclestone regeneration of the series. So I awaited the unveiling of the new Doctor with a bit of scepticism – I freely admit that I thought they’d made the wrong choice in Matt Smith. David Tennant had done such a grand job in the role and he was to bow out with a real bang fitting of his impact, and I felt with the departure of Russell T Davies it was a chance for them to take the series in a new direction and take some risks. I applauded Steven Moffat taking over as Executive Producer – he has been responsible for some of the most memorable episodes (“Blink”, “Silence in the Library”, “The Empty Child”) – but what I was holding out for was a black doctor. So I was disappointed when they anointed someone who is clearly a sop to the teenage girl market – oddly shaped face notwithstanding.

Anyway, Smith roundly proved me wrong. He is definitely of the Tennant school of fast-talking oddballs, but he was one thing I had not expected – really, really funny. Not just to look at – scrawny, gawky and awkward – but his comic timing is bang on, extremely professional delivery, and utterly convincing in the role from the word go. And from the looks of the trailer for future episodes he’s also able to cut it as an action hero, which looks essential from the number of explosions they packed in. Early days but a very impressive first round, Mr Smith.

But even more than Smith I was impressed with Karen Gillan as his new companion, Amelia “Amy” Pond. Not only is she stunning, but a far better actress than recent companions. Plus she’s stunning. Stunning I tell you.

So, things to ponder – why did Amelia change her name to Amy? Why did they stop short of making her an actual stripper? (Steve, you know you wanted to…but it’s 6.20 for goodness sake 😉 ) What’s the significance of the prominent word MYTH on both sides of the laptop used near the end? It’s all about the details on this show… And as with recent series we had another portentous prophecy…”Silence Will Fall”. I like it. But I also liked the Sound of Drums, I’m desperate for John Simm to return as The Master (though I doubt that will happen). Looking forward to getting to know Amy better though!


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