Posted by: Paul | April 3, 2010

Squeaky Bum Time

I don’t normally write the football posts on Saturdays, preferring instead to wait until all the weekend’s results are in and the various effects are felt. But this weekend is a little bit different, and I’ve had this on my blog topics list for a week or so, so thought the day when the top two teams in the league faced off would be the ideal time to talk about it.

This time of the football season is great. And this year has been, and still is, the most interesting, exciting, and close season for a long time. It’s not just about the race for the title either – there’s interest up and down the whole table.

Let’s deal with the top first. Chelsea are playing Man U at Old Trafford today, and I’d put money on the winner of that game going on to take the title. The Arse are still not quite out of it yet but with injuries to Gallas and Fabregas among others, and them being 4 points behind I think their challenge is over. All that remains is for Barca to thrash them at the Nou Camp and it’s another trophyless season for Wenger. My heart bleeds 😉

I’ve talked a lot about the race for 4th place for obvious reasons, and it’s now the business end of the season for Spurs and the other contenders. I made a prediction about Spurs v Man City a couple of weeks ago and so far we’re holding onto that – even slightly overperforming against expectations. But there was another factor that I had discounted – a resurgent Liverpool. I wouldn’t have believed it possible – and indeed they still have much work to do and cannot afford to drop another single point, but they are back in with a shout. Aston Villa have now fallen by the wayside, as with last season. (Edit – I wrote this about 1pm before Villa beat Bolton and Spurs lost to Sunderland! :-/ )

And at the sharp end, Portsmouth are all but relegated and it looks like two from Hull, Burnley and West Ham, though the teams directly above them are far from safe.

To be honest if I had to choose, I would rather win the FA Cup than finish 4th in the league. Obviously I would rather both but the FA Cup is a real trophy and it would be two in three seasons (with a final in the one in between) – and during the same period Arsenal have won nothing. THAT is what means the most to Spurs fans!


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