Posted by: Paul | March 29, 2010

Draft one is done.

Back to the script this week after a brief pause to concentrate on something else.

Draft one is now complete! If you’re reading this and expecting to receive a copy of my radio sitcom by email, it will be forthcoming – most likely tomorrow. I have it printed and will read it on paper and make notes tonight, do any necessary revisions in the morning and then send it out. If you don’t receive it and would like to read it – email me!

It feels good to have finished it – the first draft at least. I’m almost (whisper) happy with it. Even after having read it back this morning after a week’s break I didn’t curl up with agony at the age of the jokes or any particular turns of phrase, which I think is a good sign – even though eminent writers whom I respect say only a fool is ever happy with anything they write.

That’s not to say it doesn’t need significant refinement. And that will come with the feedback from my ‘first readers’. Maybe they’ll all hate it. I know at least one will tear it to pieces – which is good, it’s what it needs, fresh pairs of eyes. As long as there’s something left to piece back together when they’re all done, that is. I’ve said it before, but I’m so close to the material that I genuinely have no idea whether it works, is funny, or convincing in any way. But until that time I am looking at a stack of paper 44 pages tall on the table in front of me, with a sense of mild satisfaction and the knowledge that if I hadn’t made the move I did 8 weeks ago, it would never have come into being. About that at least, I can be completely honest.


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