Posted by: Paul | March 28, 2010


Adam loves the water. At least, he does now. When we started taking him to swimming lessons when he was around 11 months old, he enjoyed splashing around for the first week and then embarked on a campaign of screaming fits for the next month every time we got into the pool – so much so that we nearly gave up taking him. But our old parenting friends, a bit of perseverance and patient coercion did the trick and towards the end of the first ten-week term he was having a whale of a time.

Six terms later and he is happily bobbing about in the water on his own, kicking his legs to propel himself and now just starting to struggle along with his arms. We’re still in the parent and child class at the moment, and it won’t be long before he moves up to the non-parent, two-instructor class – if not next term, then certainly the one after. My little boy is growing up! I’ll be quite sad not to go in the pool with him every Sunday, and I think he might not like Daddy watching through the window after so long.

It’s not just the swimming pool though, he loves the sea too, and is absolutely fearless about the temperature of it. When we’re at the beach, whatever the weather, nothing can stop him charging straight at the water’s edge, or even into it if he’s dressed appropriately (or gives Mummy and Daddy the slip). On holiday in Cornwall last year was the first time I’d swum in the sea for almost 20 years, it’s not normally something I’d do (too much of a wimp). Maybe it’s a baby/toddler thing but Adam doesn’t seem to feel the cold!


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