Posted by: Paul | March 27, 2010

Goodbye York Road

Sad day today – made what will probably be my last visit to my Grandma’s house before it’s sold. The last three months have been a procession of what I thought might be the last visit, since we held the last Christmas there, but this is really it.

I didn’t have much time for reflection, I was there to shift. Much of the contents have fortunately already been amicably divided between our enormous extended family, and there won’t be much left behind once everyone has taken away the things they want. Today we were furnishing my brother’s spare room, and had a Luton van to collect the whole deal – bed, wardrobe, bedside table, chest of drawers. My brother, naturally, had wiggled out of it in order to play a local badminton tournament so my Dad and I did almost all the lifitng and carrying while my Mum tidied busily as we went.

So it was quite poignant watching all the rooms gradually being emptied and stripped, former belongings divided up and packed away. As I hefted furniture down the stairs I thought back to the many occasions when all seven of us grandchildren had squeezed onto the staircase to have our picture taken at Christmas. The youngest of us has just bought her first house now, and Adam is the first great grandchild. I’m incredibly glad my Grandma got to hold him in her arms before she died.

I have many, many happy memories of York Road. I really hope whoever takes it on next makes themselves a lot of their own. It was, and is, a wonderful house.


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