Posted by: Paul | March 24, 2010

Baby Vocab Glossary

Adam is a fairly talkative toddler. As with all kids at his age, he has his own ways of referring to things, and his own methods of getting his message across. If at first we don’t understand, he’ll help us out by repeating what we don’t understand over and over again until we either get it, or get fed up and distract him with something else. Here are a few of my favourite recent Adamisms.

Ummy! (Ummy always means Dummy. It never means Mummy. Mummy has an ‘M’ at the start. Ummy! does not)

Ooba! (Hoover. As in “Daddy, please do the hoovering as I want to infuriate you by continually switching it off at the plug.” See also “Little Ooba!”, i.e. Dustbuster)

Ahpig! (Peppa Pig. As in “Daddy, can we please watch 5 episodes of Peppa Pig in a row?” See previous post on the subject.)

Away! (Multiple uses. As in “Daddy, having spent 5 minutes setting this complicated toy up for me, I will play with it for less than 10 seconds before asking you to put it back.”)

More! (Multiple uses. As in “Daddy can I do / eat / drink / break / play with more of this please?” Combine with “Away!” for maximum effect, especially during the act of carrying out “Away!”)

Omass! (Thomas the Tank Engine. As in “Daddy can I please watch 5 episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine in a row?” Usually followed immediately after the opening titles of the first one by “No Omass!”)

Bed! (Bed, at either naptime or bedtime. As in “Daddy I’m going to tease you by pretending I want to go to bed – even going so far as to actually get into my bed and pretend to go to sleep – only to get up and open the door before your foot is on the second step of the staircase.”)

Joking aside, his speech is coming along really well – he constantly surprises us with his parrot-like nature, and is stringing together sentences of four or five words all the time. One from the other day which tickled me – I was going to hang the washing out in the garden, and Adam wanted to come outside:

Me: “Alright, you can come into the garden. You ride your trike and I will supervise.”

Adam: “Daddy supervise.”


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