Posted by: Paul | March 21, 2010

Thick and thin

There have obviously been days during this attempt to post something every single day without fail when I really haven’t felt like doing it. Today is the first day like that for a while – I feel like I have to force myself to sit down and write something today.

I’m being honest about this, since that in part is what this exercise is all about. On January 1st I had no idea how it would turn out, whether I would have enough to write about, or the time and will to sit down and write 300-400 words on something every day. But that I guess is my trial, and the key to the success of this – still carrying on when you have felt like stopping. That’s what gets you over the hump and gives you the strength to continue with anything and everything worth doing in life – a little perseverance, through thick and thin.

Okay, I’m hardly running a marathon here, I realise that. Nothing physical involved, not even a risk of RSI as the posts only generally take 15 mins to write. It’s more of a habit-forming exercise really – the chance to get writing something every day, regardless of whether it will be read by anyone. Good practice for the craft of professional writing.

Part of the reason this is blood out of a stone today is the improvement in the weather. Yesterday was terrible and almost ruined a nice afternoon out in Maldon (where we went to see the Moot Hall and met the Chairman of the trustees in addition to my previous contact, more on this soon), but today is rather different, sunny and warm and perfect weather for getting outdoors and wearing out the still-not-napping toddler. Probably time to give up on the afternoon sleep now, methinks.

So we’re off to see the ‘fishes!’ at the garden centre this afternoon. One of the best parts of being a parent I’ve found is that sense of wonder on the child’s face when they simply stand and stare at something which has caught their eye. We could all do with looking at things anew sometimes!


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