Posted by: Paul | March 20, 2010

Peppa Pig

Among the plethora of children’s programmes available, Peppa Pig is the current favourite. Where once Thomas the Tank Engine reigned supreme, now only Peppa will do.

Some have suggested that Peppa is just a merchandising opportunity. You could argue the same of almost all kid’s programmes, but watch a couple of episodes of Peppa (or three, four, or even five in a row…) and you’ll start to spot interesting flashes of grown up humour. Mummy Pig working from home as a writer, whose work ends “blah blah blah blah blah. The End.” Overweight Daddy Pig’s chocolate cake habit. Grandpa Pig and Grandad Dog cast as two bickering old men a la Trading Places. Daddy Pig’s work colleagues, who stamp pieces of paper, move shapes around on a computer, and write long numbers on a whiteboard. And the evolutionary chart in the museum which asserts: Paramoecium, Fish, Dinosaur, Pig.

It’s particularly the commentary on the nature of work that tickled me. The episode in which Peppa visits Daddy Pig’s office actually made me laugh out loud in a grown up, intelligent, non-slapstick way. There’s much to be enjoyed in Peppa in terms of people falling down of course, but something about this particular scene with the adults attempting to explain their jobs in simple terms made the entire idea of working seem facile and shallow. “I take papers from this pile, stamp them, and put them in this pile” was what Mr Rabbit’s post boiled down to – before Peppa got hold of the stamp and gave Mr Rabbit’s desk a good stamping.

It’s these little things, sometimes barely visible in the background like the museum chart, which make Peppa not only bearable for adults but actually quite an enjoyable watch. Though there are limits of course – like pieces of chocolate cake, five in a row is about enough. Long Live Peppa 😉



  1. One of the best is the recycling one with Mr Bull the Binman. Classic. We have all the first 2 series on DVD. Utter torture…

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