Posted by: Paul | March 19, 2010

Is Masterchef robbing us of professional skills?

Something has struck me about Masterchef. Watching last night, Ali pointed out that yet another member of the medical profession has joined the competition. Only a week or so ago a paediatrician got through to (I think) the semi finals. And in last night’s show alone, we had – seriously – a heart surgeon, a physiotherapist and a pharmacist. Is Masterchef robbing our medical professions of their talent?

Everyone seems to have a ‘food dream’ right now. The most common one is ‘to open a restaurant by the sea’. Is this in response to Jamie Oliver’s ’15’ in Watergate Bay, Cornwall, or Rick Stein’s many places in Padstow (Padstein as it’s known locally)? Has everyone eaten in these places and enjoyed it so much they’ve thought ‘I’m going to throw away my professional skills and do something I have absolutely no experience in?’

That’s the piece of it where I can relate. I have no food dream. But I have walked away from a perfectly good career to do something I’ve never done before. Was it a good idea? I don’t know. I’m certainly enjoying it and feel happier, but there’s no telling if it will lead anywhere. Maybe something will happen. Maybe I’ll make something happen. Who knows?

People have won Masterchef though. That is an indisputable fact.


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