Posted by: Paul | March 16, 2010

London, can you wait?

Progress report today. Good writing day yesterday – reached the milestone which is page 30 of the script, and am now into double figures in the scene numbers too. Alison doesn’t want to read it until it’s finished so still no-one has seen it but me, so I have no idea if it works, or is funny, convincing or involving in any way. I’m inhabiting this odd little make-believe world with these people I don’t feel like I know very well yet, but I’m getting there. I’m growing somewhat attached to put-upon writer Poppy though – if not the star of the whole potential “series”, she’s certainly the main focus of this particular episode.

I think I’m over halfway through now, and the goal of completing a first draft by Easter to send to my “trusted first readers” (also something cribbed from the Guardian Rules of Writing article) looks achievable. I imagine it will run to around 50 pages, maybe slightly less, with around 18 – 19 discrete scenes. Off to London this morning so won’t be able to continue the actual script but I have some structural planning to do to decide on the remaining scene breakdowns and sequence to reach the end, which I already have planned, so that’s an important task to set myself up for another full day’s writing tomorrow. I imagine I probably need 4 more writing days to finish it at the most, so if it’s not complete next week then it should be early the week after.

Like I say, off to London today to play with a friend’s new studio and meet another for lunch. First time I’ve been up for a couple of weeks and looking forward to it!


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