Posted by: Paul | March 15, 2010

Go Fourth…and multiply

As a Spurs fan, my lofty ambitions for my team are normally tempered with an unhealthy dose of crap performances, usually at exactly the wrong time. I’ve lost count of the times this season when the other teams competing for what now looks dead set to be fourth place in the league – The Arse’s win at Hull made the gap to third just a bit too big even for my wildest dreams – slip up, and we fail to capitalise. Drawing at Bolton. Drawing with Everton despite being two goals up. Losing to Wolves. Twice.

But this weekend we were able to take advantage, and what a difference it makes. Winning 3-1 against Blackburn in the same set of games as Liverpool lost to Wigan and Man City and Aston Villa both drew against teams far below them, means that we’re starting to tighten our grip on that 4th place. Not pull away – though Villa have now squandered their game in hand advantage, Man City will still go ahead of us by a point if they win theirs – just solidify our position a bit and put a lot of pressure on the other teams.

I’m going to carry out a little experiment now. I have no idea of the result of this so bear with me. For argument’s sake, and to save space, I’m going to say 4th place is between Spurs and City, and predict the results for both teams remaining league games and see who comes out on top.

Stoke (A) – draw – 1 point
Portsmouth (H) – Spurs win – 3
Sunderland (A) – Spurs win – 3
Arsenal (H) – draw – 1
Chelsea (H) – draw – 1
Man Utd (A) – lose – 0
Bolton (H) – win – 3
Man City (A) – draw – 1
Burnley (A) – win – 3
Total from last 9 games – 16 points. Grand total – 68.

Man City:
Fulham (A) – draw – 1
Everton (H) – draw – 1
Wigan (H) – win – 3
Burnley (A) – win – 3
Birmingham (H) – draw – 1
Man Utd (H) – lose – 0
Arsenal (A) – lose – 0
Aston Villa (H) – draw – 1
Spurs (H) – draw – 1
West Ham (A) – win – 3
Total from last 10 games – 14 points. Grand total – 64 points.

So assuming this all comes true – which is a long shot – and Aston Villa and Liverpool continue their inconsistency, Spurs will be in the Champion’s League qualifying rounds next season. Like I’ve said before, watch me get shot down in flames!


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