Posted by: Paul | March 14, 2010

Mother’s Day

Ali is a great Mum to Adam.

She makes all the food he eats at home from scratch.

She checks all the ingredients on everything in the supermarket to make sure nothing contains wheat to give him an upset tummy.

She gets up in the night to pick his dummy up from under his bed, when Daddy’s too fast asleep to hear him crying.

She gives him cuddles when his teeth hurt and he drools all over her, and she doesn’t mind that she gets a bit damp.

She picks up after him when he trashes his room at five in the morning.

She reads to him at bedtime, even when he asks for the same story four times in a row.

She breastfed him for six whole months, when it was almost too difficult to go on after two weeks.

She learned to drive so she would be able to take him anywhere he needs to go, even before she knew she was going to have him.

She loves him unconditionally even when he’s having tantrums, pulling her hair and pinching her face.

Adam loves his Mummy.


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