Posted by: Paul | March 10, 2010

We’re all going to the Zoo, tomorrow…

I’ve always loved the Zoo, since I was little. They have their detractors of course, but our local zoo does amazing conservation work and is one of the most important breeding centres in the country for certain species. They take incredible care of their animals and their enclosures are spacious, green, and thoughtfully designed according to the habitat of the inhabitants.

Look Daddy! A Burmese Python!

It’s also a great place to take kids, and the annual pass is pretty much a must-have for parents around here. Almost all our friends with kids have them, and it makes a great place for a meet-up and a stroll at pretty much any time of the year as there are both indoor and outdoor areas. And of course, the kids love it. Adam stares in mute astonishment at the bewildering variety of animals, birds, reptiles and insects he would otherwise never encounter.

At least, he used to stare at them in mute astonishment – now it’s animated glee. He jumps up and down, yelping, cackling and pointing. Normally on a Wednesday he would be with my parents, but we’ve switched days since I have a seminar tomorrow. So instead of our usual routine of Songs and Stories at the library, we are taking advantage of our annual passes, cramming another visit in before they run out. Once you’ve been more than three times – we must have been more than twice that – they really do become excellent value for money.

I’d write more but I’m having a difficult day with him today – just had two whole hours of bawling tantrums (him rather than me) so it’s been rather trying.


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