Posted by: Paul | March 9, 2010

Get ON with it

A general update as to where things stand today.

Last week was something of a washout – other things impinged on my writing project and I got no further with the script. I was back to it yesterday though, and making decent progress now. However, having read the R4 Comissioning guidelines yesterday, I’m a little concerned – they don’t want shows about the media. It’s not REALLY about the media though, more the arts, but it might be a little near their boundary. Oh well, I plan to continue anyway. It did give me one useful pointer which has led to a simple but significant change – one character will now undergo a sex change (not during the show!)

No more movement on either the consulting jobs or work for my contact in Paris, so I’m just biding my time patiently, working on the sitcom and pottering around.

Something which is taking up a great deal of my time at the moment, and creating a small but steady trickle of pocket money, is eBay. Who knew I had a little gold mine gathering dust on the shelf upstairs, and that videogames, if you pick the right examples, look after them and hang onto them for a few years, can really hold or even exceed their initial value? In most cases I purchased them cheap through trade-ins anyway, or on eBay in the first place, but some of both my old Dreamcast and even PS1 games are performing way ahead of what I would have expected! I still have almost a dozen things up for sale and more to come! The best stuff will be sold by next week though so it won’t last forever. But after the games are gone I start on the baby stuff that Adam’s grown out of or doesn’t use any more, so I’m very happy about the dual benefits of having a clearout and getting a bit of cash for it at the same time!

So, on we go. Scene 8, take 2 – Poppy gets back to the office and confronts Kenneth (ex-Kathryn) about the impossible job he gifted her.


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