Posted by: Paul | March 8, 2010

FA Cup shock – an exciting game!

The remains of lunch were tidied away. The eBay items were all wrapped, ready to send. Adam was sound asleep (for once). Alison was out visiting her Nan. I was alone, with nothing pressing to do. Under normal circumstances I would need no greater encouragement to fire up the PS3 and put a good couple of hours in on Bioshock 2.

However, this was FA Cup weekend. The quarter finals were underway – Portsmouth had yesterday sealed a somewhat questionable win over Birmingham (how bitterly ironic that Birmingham’s disallowed goal was way, way over the line on the day that Fifa rejected the idea of goal-line technology), and Spurs and Fulham cancelled each other out in a fairly unscintillating encounter at Craven Cottage. How many replays do Spurs need to make it to the final? No, that’s not a joke.

So I put the TV on to check the score in the early game between Reading and Aston Villa. Surprised to see the home side in the lead, and always the champion of the underdog (isn’t that what the FA Cup’s about?), I thought I’d watch the last 10 mins of the first half, to see if they could hang on. And lo and behold, if they didn’t oblige by making it 2-0! I couldn’t switch off now, so I made a cup of tea and settled in for the second half.

I was not disappointed. Inside 70 seconds Ashley Young had halved the defecit, and we had an exciting game on the cards. Minutes later the score was level. Minutes after that, Villa took the lead. Talk about a game of two halves! But “plucky Reading” did not give up and fought to the finish, for long stretches the better team, though the score finally ended 4-2 to Villa via a penalty which capped a John Carew hattrick. Great comeback for them, more crushing misery for Reading in a season which could see them relegated to the third tier.

The other Sunday game was a total snoozefest, Chelsea beating Stoke 2-0 in a game only remarkeable for the hard time the Stoke fans gave John Terry. Who obligingly stuck two fingers up and scored Chelsea’s second goal in response.

The semi-final draw was what I was really waiting for though, and I got what I wanted – Spurs v Portsmouth (should we prevail over Fulham). I’m going to rather arrogantly stick my neck out now and say that’s a Spurs v Chelsea final, a repeat of the 2008 Carling Cup. Watch me get shot down in flames šŸ˜‰


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