Posted by: Paul | March 6, 2010

Five Days – oh, and Six Years

Using the ‘publish later’ function so this goes out tomorrow as we’re busy right now and I want to continue to publish something every day!

Five Days finished last night – well, tonight as I write this, and I haven’t seen the last episode yet. As with both runs of Criminal Justice, and also Torchwood – Children of Earth, we cleared our TV viewing week to take this in as it went out. The PVR is bulging at the seams with things to catch up on over the weekend!

This has taken a few days to get going, but the threads started to come together and be explained in a quite satisfying manner in episode 4. Seriously tight writing, building to what looks like a thrilling, but perhaps very downbeat conclusion – the best kind, in my opinion. It did take me a whole episode to understand what anyone was saying though – the north east accents, while absolutely authentic, take a while to catch the ear. Good job things unfolded a bit slowly to start with, I suppose – great dialogue though, a bit like The Wire in that it doesn’t help you out if you’re stuck at the time, but later events often clue you in on anything you missed – like I said, seriously tight writing.

The reason we’re busy today is that it’s our 6th Anniversary today! 6th wedding anniversary anyway – we’ve been together 17 years in total, and married on the same day and month as we met – that way there’s only one date for me to remember in my dotage. So March 6th is an important day for us! Grandparents are babysitting while we enjoy ourselves. Not that we don’t enjoy ourselves when Adam is around, but it’s nice to have some adult time for a change – these moments are precious.


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