Posted by: Paul | March 4, 2010

The BBC Blather – part 2

“So, why not just shut down BBC 3?”

I’ve heard that about half a dozen times during separate interviews in the past 2 days. It seems like, within the BBC especially, people have a bee in their bonnet about BBC 3. During a tour of TV Centre kindly given by a friend who works there a few weeks ago, we passed by the offices of BBC 3, and our exchange was along the lines of:

“That’s where BBC 3 are. You can go and spit on them if you like”.

And it’s not just from within – a quick Google search revealed Bryony Gordon’s blog on the Telegraph site on the same subject (I never would have gone there without Google…*shudder*). There are also a great deal of incensed comments from readers of Mark Thompson’s own blog about the changes on the BBC site.

So BBC 3 is not popular, internally or, it seems, externally. Its highest ratings come from the 10pm repeat of Eastenders. It’s the very epitome of the “dumbing down” accusations levelled at the corporation. I mean, TWO makeover shows, each featuring a former member of Atomic Kitten? What is this, a bide-a-wee-home for failed pop stars?

It has had its moments over the years since its inception, though. It was where Gavin and Stacey started (say what you like but I enjoyed it – except for S3 – and it was wildly successful), plus Pulling (which I came to very late) and the recent Being Human (which I haven’t seen at all but has had great reviews). And also We Are Klang which was the weirdest and one of the silliest, funniest shows of last year.

But it obviously costs a great deal more than 6 Music, and what with the cultural gulf between the two it’s being used as the football for the opponents of the scheme to kick between them. For my money, I’d rather see BBC 3 axed than 6 Music, but that’s never going to happen. They have repeatedly said that they will be consulting the public on the plans, though – I’ll try to find out how to get involved and spread the word.


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