Posted by: Paul | February 26, 2010

Mad Men – Ouch!

If there was one show in which I could have predicted that someone would get their foot messily run over by a runaway ride-on lawnmower – in an office, no less – then Mad Men would not have been it. Desperate Housewives maybe, Dexter certainly, but Mad Men? Not a chance.

But my eyes did not deceive me. In the most bizarre turn of events since Duck Philips turned out to share his name with Pete Campbell’s uncle Herman rather than an actual Duck, Kenny Cosgrove brought home the John Deere account and with it, a small tractor which he proceeded to parade around the storied halls of Sterling Cooper. Cue a secretary taking it for an ill-advised spin during a visit from their new British owners, cue her running over the foot of the new young buck appointed to run the US division. Oops! Despite the blood and screaming, it took me a minute to realise that this had actually happened in Mad Men. I suppose I shouldn’t be that surprised – as classy and thoughtful as the show is, it does have a mischevious streak at it’s core.

So, Series 3. I’ve put off writing about it for a few weeks so it could get into its stride, which has taken a little while this time round. Major storylines like Gene’s death (and subsequent rebirth of sorts) have come and gone without one large thread dominating, unless you count the ongoing British takeover of SC. What are their real intentions? Why was Roger “inadvertantly omitted” from the new org chart? What does Conrad Hilton want with Don? What on earth is Joan going to do now she doesn’t have SC in her life? And will Peggy and Pete really jump ship to go with Duck? “One more promotion and we’ll be answering the phones” quipped Pete last night.

Whatever happens next, there’s still nothing else like it on TV. Rising above the usual explosion packed fluff like Heroes, Lost and 24, Mad Men is packed full of the quality and subtlety that those shows can only dream of as they tie themsleves in fanciful knots with their latest convoluted twist. Long may it continue.

Oh oh oh – and Damages is back! Yay! Good job I have no social life I have to cancel to accommodate all this great TV 😉


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