Posted by: Paul | February 25, 2010

Glass Chicken Holder

I was in Paperchase in Liverpool Street station on Tuesday looking for “thank you” cards for Adam’s birthday presents. In front of me in the queue were two middle-aged ladies who seemed to be taking an inordinately long time, and having several things wrapped up. Curious as to what could take so long in such a tiny store, I looked at the till display to see what they were buying, and it said simply:


What on earth could it be? Like it says bizarrely, a glass holder for chicken? A glass holder for something else (eggs maybe) shaped like a chicken?

It turned out to be a small chicken, made out of green glass, which came in two parts – stand and lid (legs and head/upper body). Wish I’d had my camera with me. It wasn’t big enough to hold eggs, which looked like the most obvious use for something shaped like a chicken, so must have been designed to hold something else. What exactly, I don’t quite know. And why on earth would you need three of them, which is how many they were buying? Maybe they were gifts. Destined to gather dust at the back of nieces’ and nephews’ kitchen cupboards. Destined to suffer an unfortunate accident. If you receive one, don’t worry – they only cost them a fiver each.


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