Posted by: Paul | February 23, 2010

Virus gone, back to work

Properly full day today. Continuing work on draft 1 of the script – in the middle of scene 4 at the moment (of probably about 16), and I now need to do some structural planning or I’m just going to carry on writing madly and won’t be able to finish it bang on 28 minutes. It’s flowing nicely in the brief bit I’ve written so far but until someone else reads it I won’t know if it’s funny, or the characters are believable and distinct, which is the crucial thing. Bit concerned that two are quite similar at the moment. Still, early days.

Off to London this morning for the first lunch meeting of the London Creative Group. Yay! Looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing what they’re all up to. Afterwards, to Nightjar’s studio for some setting up and test recordings, to see (and hear) how Hinkers is getting on and to have another crack at persuading her she needs a compressor/limiter in the chain. Realtime processing is not a good idea when you’re using a slightly wonky old laptop… Kudos for making a go of it though.

My Spanish/French contact is making vague rumblings about more quotes for upcoming work too. Nothing concrete yet, these things take a long time, especially as she is establishing herself in business at the same time, but will keep my ear to the ground. Antenna have gone quiet on the consulting front but it’s the sort of thing which is not time-sensitive and can pop up again when the sales team get less busy (they were in the middle of a major internal project when I was there).

Then back to work on the script tomorrow. If I get my ducks in a row and get three good days in on it next week, I think I’ll have the first draft ready for reading either at the end of next week or possibly the week after. While that’s being read I also plan to write the opening episode (I’m writing one further down the sequence at the moment to see how it all works without the burden of exposition that an opening episode sort-of requires) so I have 2 to choose from for submission. Then it’s analysing critiques received, rewriting and refining, having them read again, and a final polish. Then finding the right person to submit it to, and firmly crossed fingers.


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