Posted by: Paul | February 21, 2010


Making Muffins

I’ve been watching a lot of children’s TV lately, for obvious reasons. We never just put it on and plonk Adam down in front of it though – he has the shows he likes, and we either watch them as they air, the old fashioned way, or record them on the PVR and watch them at convenient times, 21st-century style.

He has his favourites – the obvious ones like Thomas the Tank Engine (can’t bring myself to call it “Thomas and Friends”), Peppa Pig and Postman Pat. Generally speaking, he’ll ask for one to be put on by shouting “Thomas! Thomas!” or “Pig!” At least, when he shouts “pig” I think that’s what he wants. Perhaps he’s just calling me a pig. Or likes the word. Anyway, with those he will usually sit and watch about 30 seconds before running off to do something else. Honestly, 2-year-olds have no attention span these days, what’s the world coming to?

But the things that do hold him throughout are the cooking shows. Is this an early interest, or just something all kids share? I certainly have good memories of making cakes with my Mum when I was little. The two principle shows on CBeebies which he almost never misses are Big Cook Little Cook and I Can Cook (referred to as “Big Cook!” and “iCook!” respectively. I wonder what an iCook looks like? Apple’s move into kitchen appliances perhaps?)

These are great shows, full of nice recipe ideas (though sometimes BCLC’s are a little on the “arranging slices of tomato and cucumber on a plate” side), and and entertaining mix of songs, stories, and practical tips for getting kids into different foods. Adam’s thankfully always been a good eater so far – it’s rare that he turns his head away from a plate of food (but not unheard of). Here’s a snap from this morning of Mummy and Adam making carrot muffins. Is hiding vegetables in cake a good idea? Jury’s out on that one.


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