Posted by: Paul | February 19, 2010

Post 50

50th post today! I’m still feeling really unwell – been suffering with a horrid flu like virus for 4 days now so this week has been pretty much a total washout unfortunately. So I’ll keep it short, and just run down a few of the things I’ve learned in the last 50 days:

1. Childcare is the hardest job I’ve ever had and you don’t get paid for it. I’m already taking my first sick day from it today, in just the third week!

2. It’s hard to be motivated in just 3 “business” days per week.

3. It’s important to stay in professional contact with people when you’re not working. Going to London once a week for whatever reason has been invaluable and helped keep my spirits up.

4. Taking the first step towards writing something is massively psychological and I haven’t quite felt ready for it yet. I think if I had not been ill this week I would have found some other excuse not to start. Must try harder.

5. Leaving Antenna was the right decision for me – but this is the start of a very long, tiring climb towards whatever comes next.

And goals for the next 50 days, all achievable:

1. Write the first episode, goddammit!

2. Attend free business link workshops and decide on course of action – sole trader or limited company – and take the first steps towards getting set up and a bank account.

3. Keep posting on a daily basis! It’s taken a bit of dedication but I think it’s worth it. And I’m totally obsessed by the stats. This week looks like being the biggest so far.

4. Make more effort to explore freelance opportunities.

That’s it. I’m away back to bed where Toby The Cat is currently keeping my side warm for me.



  1. It is indeed totally not possible to do anything that takes longer than 10 seconds without being hassled by a small child! I’ve got used to preschool giving me 2 hours most days of peace – half term nearly killed me! Why are we having another baby again?!…

    • Half term was a bind for me too, and I only do 2 days… thank goodness nursery doesn’t close except for Xmas and a week in the summer! All the activites which had become part of our early routine were cancelled. Annoying!

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