Posted by: Paul | February 15, 2010

2 weeks on

Popped back in to Antenna today, to catch up with a few people. Nice to see everyone! I was there about some possible consulting work I / we hope to be doing later in the year, a sort of targeted “Best Of” which I hope to pull together for them. And also just reminding people that I’m out there, in case any freelance opportunities arise! Starting solid work on the script tomorrow. Put together a character profile for the German voiceover character today, which will hopefully raise a smile in some quarters. Also on the receiving end of some useful resources on commissioning to check out and the name of a drama Producer / Production company I could potentially send the completed draft to. Just got to write the thing now! In the interest of setting some goals / milestones, I plan to have the first episode complete and read by a few pertinent people by Easter.

Feeling off-colour today. Ali and Adam both had a nasty virus over the weekend and I think it’s my turn. Sort of flu-like shivers plus lethargy and just wanting to go to bed and stay there. And not in a good way!

NHS frustrations continue. Rather than being re-tested in 3 months time, our useless Surgery misinterpreted the Doc’s instructions and booked him in for next Tuesday. Which I can’t do anyway. So cancelled it and they can’t re-book! Totally pointless. I know I’m going to have to make another appointment in 6 weeks time and take him back to the GP for nothing other than getting him referred for the test. Annoying.

Right, off to pick up the little fellow, and throw stones through the Surgery window. There were a few tears when I dropped him off this morning – I think he might be enjoying having Daddy around, and had forgotten about nursery…but Daddy needs some work time!


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