Posted by: Paul | February 14, 2010

An *almost* perfect Sunday

A rare lie in, followed by a lazy morning while Adam took an unscheduled nap. A satisfying pub lunch with the in-laws and finally a cup of tea at home in front of the football. It would have been perfect – if only it wasn’t Spurs I was watching.

Once again they turned in an abject performance. The only thing I have to say about the Spurs-Bolton FA Cup game is that it was as painful to watch as it must have been to participate in (Bolton play on one setting – bludgeon). The second half, including Jermain Defoe’s goal, was brighter – but the rot has set in. Not won in how many league games now? I forget. I’d take some comfort in the fact that the replay is at the Lane…if only we weren’t playing even worse at home than away. It’s as if the early confidence has drained right out of us and we’re now almost afraid of winning.

As I type, a well-deserved win over Premier League opposition has been cruelly ripped away from Crystal Palace. A brilliant free kick from Darren Ambrose handed them the lead, only for Villa to equalise just 5 minutes from time from a corner which should not have been given.

So, replays a-go-go before the quarter finals are set. The winner of Spurs-Bolton is rewarded with a trip to Fulham. Could be worse. Pick of the matches is Chelsea against (probably) Man City. City have to get past Stoke at the Britannia Stadium first, by no means a done deal.

But what a shot from Ambrose. It was a great strike, Alan. Yes Alan, the lad took it well, it was a wonder goal. An almost perfect result.


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