Posted by: Paul | February 12, 2010

Adam Is 2

Hello! Birthday Boy here. I’m 2 years old today! Mummy says that two years ago she doesn’t remember anything between 9 and 11pm because of the Pethidine, and Daddy says he was having the most horrifying night of his entire life. But here I am, and they now say that I’m beautiful and they can’t believe two years of parenthood has gone by so quickly.

They’re asleep at the moment. Mummy’s feeling a bit flu-ey, and Daddy says he has sore toes and doesn’t know why. I’m supposed to be asleep too, but I snuck down to use the computer. My eBay empire won’t run itself you know.

When I came down for breakfast at 5.30 this morning there were presents everywhere. It was like Christmas Round 2! I was given so many nice things that if I thank everyone this will turn into Gwyneth Paltrow’s Oscar speech. So a big thank you to everyone! I was given lots of clothes, books, and new toys. Daddy says we will have to get a bigger house after all, but it has to wait until he’s won the lottery.

This morning I went to Tiny Tumblers, which was a lot of fun. I climbed all over the big mats and did some sliding and jumping. Sometimes Daddy caught me, sometimes he let me fall on my head because the mats were soft and I thought it was funny. I ran around a lot, and balanced on the benches, and played with the Hula Hoops. I saw my friend Emily, and her Mummy said sorry to my Daddy for mistakenly making him believe that Aunty Christine was having a baby when she is not. She had a red face and they laughed!

Anyway, all that exercise has made me tired so I’d better finish my nap. The auction I was watching finished – at this rate I’ll be a millionaire before my Daddy will.


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