Posted by: Paul | February 8, 2010

Robot Wars

Heard this report on the Today programme this morning. The sci-fi movie future is here… Using robots in military situations is clearly nothing new – they’ve been defusing bombs for many years and latterly flying unmanned aerial drones into combat situations, but the idea of combat robots undertaking long range ground missions and “refuelling themselves on organic matter on the battlefield” is straying towards Terminator territory! I couldn’t quite believe the exchange between the reporter and the defence contractor responsible for these machines, which went along these lines:

“So…what do they …umm…eat?”
“Oh don’t worry, they’re strictly vegetarian.”
(At this point I’m staring at my radio in abject disbelief thinking wtf?)
“But what about the possibility that they might…make use of…umm…corpses left behind?”

Oh my god. I could take no more. I mean, I’m against war and thoroughly for keeping military personnel out of harm’s way as much as possible, but it just boggles my mind that there are people whose whole purpose in life is to be paid to dream up things like this.

Anyway. Very pleasant start to Week 2, the day spent in London catching up with a few people and talking about my plans (and theirs). I think I’m going to be spending one day a week in town for the forseeable future – every time I go up I seem to come back planning my next trip. Gently mulling over the question of whether to set up as a Sole Trader or a Limited Company – the second seems preferable for several reasons but more complicated initially, and may not be worth doing until I’ve earned above a certain amount. So as with so many other things at the moment, I’ll “see how it goes.” The plan for this week is to do a bit more pottering tomorrow and Thursday (need to sign up for a couple of websites, do some more reading and start making serious notes for the script), and Wednesday and Friday are this week’s Adam Days, the switch necessitated by a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday to talk about his test results. “Nothing urgent” apparently, which is good news.


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