Posted by: Paul | February 7, 2010

Partied Out

Just back home, dipping fingers into a bowl of leftover crisps after Adam’s second birthday party. The little man has just been packed off to bed, tired and a bit confused at what happened but happy and full of cake.

We hired a local school hall and invited more or less everyone we know locally who has kids. Attendees from nursery, NCT, old friends and work colleagues all turned up en masse – 18 kids and more than 30 grown ups all told. Noisy, messy, chaotic but great fun and all the kids loved it and were very well behaved – only two very minor altercations over toys / positions at the table for tea, forgotten instantly. There were songs, there were balloons, there was orange squash, there were fairy cakes. All the traditional ingredients of a kids party.

In all honesty it was as much for us as for Adam. It’s hard enough to get people together when you don’t have kids, and once you do you can go months without seeing your friends. So the occasions when you all get together for the sake of doing something for the little ones become the ideal opportunity to catch up with everyone, and greatly appreciated.

Alison worked very hard on organising the whole thing. In the supermarket yesterday picking up the last of the food, she said “I don’t think we’ll do this again next year.” By the time we got to the door, it had become “Well obviously we’ll have a little party…”


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