Posted by: Paul | February 4, 2010

Daddy’s Day #1

It was going so well.

We had a lovely morning, actually – went into town to attend Stories & Songs at the Library, which surprised me by being both very well attended, and also quite a lot of fun. We were given a laminated card on the way in which entitled us (him, rather than me) to a sticker on our way out. Big, comfy sofas and extra chairs in the standard school-type sat in a semi circle facing two other chairs in a large, open plan area of the childrens’ section.

At 10am two smiling ladies appeared – one bespectacled and greying, the other fresh-faced and youthful with wavy red hair. We settled ourselves at the back and to begin with, Adam seemed more concerned with the big boxes of books than the activities, but familiar songs began to pique his interest. He stood behind one of the sofas, peering over at first in open-mouthed astonishment, which gradually gave way to grinning glee. After about 10 minutes he pointed to the open area in the centre where almost a classful of other children, mostly looking around 2 or 3 years old, were singing or mouthing along and copying the ladies’ actions – his indication that he wanted to join in. I nodded and encouraged, and he squeezed between two chairs and shyly made his way amongst the other children. By the time “The Wheels on the Bus” rolled round (and round), he was happily copying along, and also doing the swivelling from side to side motion (“trunk rotation” is the athletic term) which his unconscious signal that he is enjoying himself. We will definitely be back!

All was fine at home afterwards, until lunch took rather longer than he might have liked. Daddy’s timing is clearly not yet up to standard, Greg. Still, early days John. Then, the litmus test – nap time. Would he go down? The signs were encouraging – no crying, no wriggling, lay down straight away. But then, as Daddy closed the door, the entire contents of his top bookshelf fell on the floor. Wave goodbye to naptime.

It’s clear I can get absolutely no work done on these days. Pointless to even try. It’s all I can do to grab 5 minutes to post this. I need to just take a step away from the computer, slow down, and enjoy our time together, as it won’t come again. Now, fortunately, all is well and I have a sleepy baby upstairs – after the obligatory nappy change 10 mins after putting him to sleep, of course.


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