Posted by: Paul | February 2, 2010

Only Connect

Don’t know if you’ve seen this show, tucked away on BBC4 at 8.30pm on Mondays. Only Connect has been running for a couple of series now and is significant for two reasons:

1. It’s the hardest quiz on TV. Bar none. University Challenge has nothing on this. The categories are in greek letters for goodness sake. I didn’t even know zeta existed. Seriously, if I get more than half a dozen questions right per show I’m doing well. And not to blow my own trumpet or anything but I’m no doofus. I’ve got GCSE’s and everything. Played along with Brain of Britain yesterday at lunch – it’s like the questions on Pat Sharpe’s Fun House compared to Only Connect. Anyone fancy forming a team and embarassing ourselves on national TV? I also love the fact that there’s no audience, and the participants all sit there in ABSOLUTE SILENCE as the credits roll. Amusingly bizarre!

2. Victoria Coren. She’s amazing. She has the “smart sexy” style down to a tee, and she comes across as so charmingly modest and self-effacing she doesn’t even have to try. It’s effortless. And she’s also an author and a professional poker player. And Alan Coren’s daughter. And and and. I could go on. But she has her own blog so I don’t need to, you can look her up for yourself and bask in her glory. Disappointing I never found the right project to book her for a voiceover for when I was at Antenna. The priviliged positions we find ourselves in sometimes!

Continuing to go through Uni boxes today. In amongst a whole load of letters from my wife during our University years, I found the following handwritten note, which made us both laugh. I must have been upset with a critique she had given me! Prophetic, perhaps?


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