Posted by: Paul | February 1, 2010


Toby The Cat just wandered in and scowled at me, as if to say “What on EARTH are you doing here? Daytime is my territory. If you disturb me, I shall destroy you.”

So, here I am, at the start of something new. Went to the gym first thing, as yesterday’s tennis interrupted my usual routine. As it turned out, I may as well have gone yesterday. Poor Andy. He had his chances and didn’t take them – didn’t play terribly well by his standards at all really. Federer was in pretty good shape but didn’t really have to work hard until the third set tie-break which won him the match. Murray had 5 set points, Federer only needed 3 to take the title. He’ll have other chances and I’m sure will win a major at some point – but I didn’t like the discussion on 5 Live this morning very much, which was along the lines of “to win a major, Federer will have to get injured or retire”. What happened to all the belief from last week eh? He’s quick to return to being branded a Scot.

Anyway. Gym was busier than I thought – an odd mix of retired gents and pretty young ladies. I thought “no wonder odd-looking age gap affairs happen if they spend lots of time in this sort of proximity”. Welcome to the world of those not at the office during the day…

So I’m spending the first of my “Alone Days” trying to reconnect with the outside world! Chasing friends and contacts for meetings, emailing lots of different people, sending out CVs and so on. But I’m also making myself useful around the house. I’ve mentioned to several people that I feel the need to accomplish something visible every day – not just to prove to Alison that I’m not just sitting on the sofa all day playing Burnout online, but also for myself, to have fixed something or dealt with something I’ve been meaning to deal with. I may not have work right now but I do have time, and I will make sure I do all the things I “don’t have time for” when I’m working. It’s a colossal waste otherwise! So today I have ticked “Toilet Cistern” off the list – it had been on there for months! This afternoon it’s “Uni Boxes”.

Bumper day on the blog yesterday – 40 hits. So thank you for reading! Keep checking back.


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