Posted by: Paul | January 30, 2010

Cat’s Eye View

Hello All! I’m Toby The Cat. Paul’s not here right now. Well, he’s here, but I don’t think he’s very well. He’s still in bed. I know that because when I jumped on his face at 5am to get my breakfast as usual, he made a bad noise. He made that noise he made when I was sick on the brand new living room carpet.

So I left him alone for 4 minutes and then tried again. Still no breakfast. I would have tried Alison next but she was already up, and in That Baby’s room. I think That Baby wanted his breakfast too, he was crying very loud. Paul put his head under his pillow and made the bad noise again.

I don’t like That Baby very much. If he doesn’t come near me it’s OK – I find places to sit where he can’t grab my tail or try to pick me up. But generally the only things I like less than That Baby are the Big Fat Stray from up the road who tried to bite my ears, and the Noise Monster.

The Noise Monster is horrible. Every weekend they push it around the house, chasing me from room to room. I’ve no idea what it is, just that it makes a loud whooshing noise and if it had the chance it would eat me, I know it. It doesn’t have eyes, but if it did they would be glowing red, like something evil.

Anyway, I’m hungry. Since I’ve not been given any breakfast I’m off to beg at next door. See you again!


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