Posted by: Paul | January 29, 2010

Final Day

So here it is. My last day at Antenna, and the last entry I will write from this desk and this computer.

It’s an odd mixture of feelings – sadness, happiness, fear, relief all rolled into one. I’m immensely grateful for the time I’ve spent here, the experience it’s given me, and the platform from which I hopefully will go on to achieve success somewhere else.

I don’t want to write much today – I have a lot I still need to do, and I think much of my emotional reaction to the change will come later in the day. I sincerely hope I can hold myself together, but I get a bit wobbly on occasions like this – in a strange way it’s rather like getting married. You’re the centre of attention, there are gifts, speeches, and perhaps also some tears, but it all ends in a big party. Which I’m thoroughly looking forward to! I’ll be snapping away with the camera and will post some photos on Facebook.

On to the last lunch with the team, and then the final afternoon’s handing over… good luck to Antenna Audio and all who sail in her.


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