Posted by: Paul | January 28, 2010

The Blood Test

It’s the worst thing in the world, seeing your child hurt and in distress. So how do you cope with a medical appointment where you know they are going to be caused pain?

Oh grow up, you might be thinking. It’s only a blood test, after all, people have them all the time.

Confession time – I have never had a blood test for anything in my entire life. I have no concrete idea of what my blood type is, beyond my Dad saying vaguely “Oh, it’s one of the common ones. O or A, or something like that.” So there’s one thing Adam is already ahead of me in! I have a horror of needles – avoid them like the plague. Again, you’re telling me to stop being such a baby, but a phobia is what it is – an irrational fear. I know it’s sometimes essential to have an injection for something, but I can’t help myself – I just don’t like pain. REALLY don’t like it.

I remember once, aged around 15, keeping the dentist waiting while I made up my mind whether or not to have an injection for a filling. I must have kept him hanging on for about 10 minutes – sat in the chair, no less. I think in reality I was trying desperately to think of ways to escape, having had neither injection nor filling. I’m not afraid of dentists by the way – just needles. In the end I asked him to start drilling and I would put my hand up when it got painful. I put my hand up after 5 seconds.

So today I’m not sure who was more distressed, me or Adam. He wailed while Mummy and the nurses held him firm, with his arm behind Mummy’s back so he couldn’t see what the nurses were doing. All he knew was that he was in great pain, and the tears flowed, poor thing. It wasn’t easy to watch and there was nothing I could do to comfort him – silly faces and “what do doggies do?” cut no ice this morning.

But he quickly forgot the experience after it was over – more quickly than I will. I hope the test comes up clear (he’s being tested for Coeliac disease). We should find out in a few days…if our useless local Surgery get back to us. Fingers crossed.


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