Posted by: Paul | January 27, 2010

The Free Lunch

The past two weeks have been / continue to be a procession of lunchtime indulgence. And yesterday was the ultimate, when a colleague and I were treated to expense account perks by two music library representatives. Yum!

We went to the Great Eastern Dining Room. A place I have walked past every single day since we moved offices and I had never yet visited. It looks trendy and a little intimidating on the outside – all black exterior and red neon. Inside was no less chic – bold black and white floral wallpaper, dark wooden floors and leather booth seating.

The food I will describe simply as “Asian”. I can’t be more specific as there were dishes on the lunchtime menu we had which were Japanese, Thai, and Korean, so they probably call themselves an Asian Fusion restaurant. It was very good indeed – the amusingly named “Crunchy Fried Fish – 3 Flavours” was particularly tasty. It was on the expensive side if you had the regular menu, but the lunchtime special is exceptional value at ¬£15 for 3 courses plus Edamame beans as an appetizer. I sampled the Blackened Salmon with Jasmine rice, which was delicious, with Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert. Staff were friendly and attentive, but our waiter was slightly patronising, I have to say. All in all, four stars and I would recommend it – especially if you’re not paying!

So today is the last of my lunches out, possibly for quite a while. It’s all been strictly business up to now but today I am catching up with an old friend and looking forward to not having to appear impressively dynamic or enthusiastic. Today I can relax and enjoy. Especially since my successor here has now been appointed and I can breathe a sigh of relief – every day the reality dawns larger, every day I’m a little closer. To what, I hope I won’t have to wait long to find out.


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