Posted by: Paul | January 25, 2010

Last Lap

The final week begins. I’m in a desperate scramble to collect together as much material for my portfolio from my Antenna career as I can! I had the idea last night of putting together a montage of work done with recognisable narrators (both in terms of names and voices), sparked by a friend in the US who had done the same. So I started to write a list of all the people with somewhat famous names, voices, or careers that I have met and worked with in the last decade and a little bit. It surprised me how long the list was, but then 11 years is a long time.

Now I wouldn’t dream of passing it off as all my own work. There is usually a large team of people behind getting each project up and running, from the writer and project manager, through to the sound designer, rights clearance, and the people who hand the guides out on site. They’re all part of one big team and all an essential part of the process. Where I’ve come in over the years has generally been the “fun” bit – meeting and recording the talent in a variety of different recording situations – in our various studios, in their offices or workshops, in the galleries or on site, and so on.

This is generally less fun that it sounds. Going to an ordinary place, talking to an ordinary person, all in a days work for both parties. But sometimes you do get the special occasions, and it’s hard not to feel some awe at meeting the likes of David Attenborough in the library of Windsor Castle, handling some original Michelangelo drawings. That only comes along once in a career, if you’re lucky.

I’ll always remember one of my first such encounters, which resulted in me subsequently being a little more grounded and a little less starstruck. I suggested, and we ended up booking and recording, Tony Robinson for a show at the National Gallery. After an enjoyable recording session, I asked him if it was the sort of thing he was interested in doing more of. He looked at me a little quizzically, and said “Interested? It’s a job. If you book me, I’ll come and do it. If you’re asking do I find it interesting, then yes!”

‘Nuff said, really. If you book them, they will come.


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